About us

Grindscene Records is the newest addition to the death metal underground in Northern Ireland.

The label is currently a one-man operation, dedicated to the distribution and release of underground death metal. Fuelled by an undying passion for death metal, the aim of GrindsceneRecords is to help bands establish themselves further through a DIY ethic.
GrindScene’s founder, has been a key player in the music underground in Northern Ireland since 1998, both as Condemned’s vocalist and the go-to guy for media replication. This experience has afforded him a deep understanding of the challenges faced by upcoming and established artists. His knowledge and expertise in the industry, coupled with an awareness of the international death metal scene means that GrindScene is perfectly placed to contribute to the sordid underworld of death metal in a hugely significant way.

Our online shop offers a secure distribution channel for death metal releases. With our help bands from all over the world can secure unparalleled access to UK and Irish distribution. Over time we hope to stock a range of death metal releases from Ireland and the United Kingdom as well as further afield.

It is our aim to offer UK and Irish distribution to those bands from all over the world still trying to make a name for themselves in a less familiar territory.

Through trades and bulk buying we intend to supply quality releases at prices that won’t break the bank but without undermining the quality of the music. We welcome trades from bands and labels throughout the world in an effort to grow our distribution network.