New Strangle Wire MCD - The Dark Triad

I am thrilled to announce my first release of 2018. Kicking this year off is the release Strangle Wire's newest offering "The Dark Triad". The cd will feature 6 tracks of pummelling death metal including both tracks off the 2017 single, presented in a beautiful 6 panel digi pack.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding of Skyhammer studios, with Artwork by none other than Tom Bradfield of Grind Ethic Records, you can be guaranteed a truly death metal experience. 

The Dark Triad will hit the shelves on the 23rd of March 2018.


Track Listing

1. The Games They play 

2. The Narcissist

3. Psychopathic blue

4. The Failure Exhibit

5. Through a Black lens

6. Den of Iniquity


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