BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS Sign to Grindscene Records

We are delighted to announce that these deranged killers have decided to ink a deal with Grindscene Records. This is the bands second album and is entitled “A NIGHT OF BRUTAL TORTURE” and will be available from the label webstore and all UK retailers from the 27th of January 2014.

Album artwork

Check out the teaser video below:

Basement Torture Killings A Night Of Brutal Torture Teaser

New Signing: CANCEROUS WOMB – Born Of A Cancerous Womb

CW Promo Shot

It is with great excitement I am able to announce the signing of another Scottish extreme metal killing machine, this time in the name of, CANCEROUS WOMB. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, CW were formed in 2005 as a side project and hit the live scene in late 2008. Since then they have been demolishing cities across the UK and Europe with their own brand of infectious death metal. The album will be releases early 2014 by Grindscene records and distributed in Europe by RISING NEMESIS RECORDS. More details will follow.

Words from the band:

We are very pleased and excited to announce that our debut album will be titled ‘Born Of A Cancerous Womb’ and will be released on Grindscene Records and distributed by Rising Nemesis Records, with our official album launch @ Studio 24, Edinburgh on Saturday 22nd February 2014. It has been an arduous and difficult 5 years in the making and along the way made some great friends and played some fantastic shows.


RELEASE DATE: 4th November 2013

Peace was never an option

Man Must Die have released the name and cover art of their new album: PEACE WAS NEVER AN OPTION.

The band have also stated that Max Cavalera is featured on one track as a guest vocalist. On the subject of the album, the band have said:

“This album is by far the angriest yet most diverse one we have done yet. It’s the next level for MAN MUST DIE. We couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. It’s brutal beyond the word and yet more melodic and memorable than ever. “With ‘Peace was Never An Option’, we really focused on the songwriting, which is really important in MAN MUST DIE’s sound and seems to be bypassed a lot in modern music. “All the classic metal is all about the songs; this is what influences us, this is what we do.” – Man Must Die.

FOETAL JUICE – Big Trouble In Little Vagina – Coming soon!!!

BTILV Thumbnail

Thats right, Grindscene Records will be enabling these lunatics from Manchester yet again by releasing their brand new Ep “Big Trouble In Little Vagina”. Release date will be the 30th Of September 2013.

Foetal Juice burst onto the UK music scene in 2005. Their début mini cd “Donnakababy”” was widely accepted in the death metal and grindcore scene and earned them a places on several UK and European tours. After several UK tours with the likes of Desecration, foetal Juice secured themselves a slot on the Extremefest Deathfest in Germany, as part of their 2013 European Tour. 2013 will see the release of their newest assault “Big Trouble in Little Vagina”.

Foetal Juice play ‘fast, slammy, crusty old school’ death and they play it very well to boot.

 Foetal Juices is a death metal powerhouse

 Manchester’s Foetal Juice has an abundance of catchy riffs and some great drumming Zero Tolerance magazine



  1. Big Trouble In Little Vagina
  2. Brewkakke
  3. Semen Evil, Smear No Evil
  4. Serpents Of The Northern Lights
  5. Service Station Masturbation

MAN MUST DIE Sign To Grindscene Records

MMD Logo


Grindscene Records are very excited to announce the signing of Scottish Death merchants “MAN MUST DIE”. GSR will be taking care of their new release within the UK and Ireland. Keep an eye on this page for more details.


Man Must Die formed in October 2002 in the underbelly of Glasgow, Scotland. They recorded their first full length “…Start Killing” with producer JF Dagenais (Kataklysm/ Misery Index/ Despised Icon) in Glasgow during December of 2003.

MMD then took some time to consider their next move and returned to the studio with a new passion and aggression, seeing an almost new band begin to emerge. MMD began the writing process quickly and put down some new tracks to capture the new energy, this time attracting the attention of Relapse.

In November 2006 Man Must Die traveled to Montreal, Canada and entered Studio Victor with producer JF Dagenais once again to begin work on their new full length and Relapse debut “The Human Condition”.

This new collection of tracks captures the ferocity and energy of MMD and mixes both their melodic and brutal sides with a more considered and mature approach to song writing. The level of aggression in “The Human Condition” is striking musically, but is driven home by a raging performance by vocalist Joe McGlynn.

In December of 2008 they entered Grindstone Studios, England, with producer Scott Atkins (Cinders Fall / Sylosis) to begin recording “No Tolerance For Imperfection”.

“No Tolerance For Imperfection” sees Man Must Die enter a new chapter in writing and musicianship, McNab says “These songs are a new distilled version of Man Must Die, straight to the point lyrically and musically, super tight guitars, insane drumming, and vocals to tear your face off! This is the next step up for Man Must Die!”


Grindscene records are proud to announce the release of A SPLIT WORSE THAN DEATH. The release comprises of 5 up and coming UK death metal bands to the tune of 21 tracks. Bands featured are Foetal Juice (Manchester), Basement Torture Killings (London), Decimation (Cornwall), Zombified (Belfast) and Nailed (Yorkshire).

Official release date will be the 25.03.2013 and will be available from The Grindscene Records web store, Code7 distribution and all main UK retailers. The release will also be available from our official distributors Vomit Your Shirt Records (Portugal), Hatebox Records (Russia) and United Guttural Records (USA).

Jon Whitfield of Flayed Disciple – Endorsed by Blakhart Guitars

Jon has signed an endorsement deal with the awesome Blakhart Guitars, of Sioux Falls, USA. Blakhart are used by Deicide, Hour of Penance, Malevolent Creation, Unfathomable Ruination, G.W.A.R. and loads more. Check out their website for a great range of guitars and basses at –

Flayed disciple endorement


Grindscene records are proud to announce the signing of new Northern Irish Death/grind act “The Obscene Machine”. We’ll be releasing their first MCD, entitled “The obscenity Within” December 2012. The Obscene Machine offer us short blasts of brutal death/grind packed with groove and infectious hooks.We’ll keep you posted on all developments regarding the release. Check out their facebook for some audio samples

Flayed Disciple – Death Hammer BUY IT NOW!!!

“Flayed Disciple – Soldering-iron hot, thrashing death metal” – Terrorizer Magazine

“Balls out, gutteral, no comprimise, thrashtastic, fuck you metal” – New Metal Army

“An abundance of genuine groove” - Metal Hammer

“One of the best debut albums I’ve heard from an British Bands in a very long time” – Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

“One of the most exciting death metal bands I’ve come across in the UK underground” – Metal Music Online / Wyldstone

I’ll eat your fucking face, finally landed



  1. Weasel Tank Slime
  2. Acid Worm Monsoon
  3. Brainwolf: Revenge of the Priest
  4. Drowning Dogs in a Swamp
  5. Enslaved by the Prawnmaster
  6. Reverse Eagle Embeastment
  7. The Eels of Love Lake
  8. Castle of Vomiting Owls
  9. Forever Sealed in the Electric Brains’ Melting Slug-Ray