Fj ArtworkWithout a doubt this is one of Grindscene’s most highly anticipated releases this year. The first full length from Manchester’s masters of absurdity FOETAL JUICE!!! With a release date looking like late November 2016, this slab of intense death/grind is surely to appeal to the most extreme music listener. I am absolutely delighted to be working with this band again, a personal favourite to say the least.

Track listing:

1. Dutch oven

2. Phantom visions

3. Noneckahedron

4. Leachate King

5. Brutal tooth

6. Gin’ll fix it

7. Grave denied

8. Booze locust

9. Nun so vile

10. More hate, more hell

Pre-order Here.


BSB Artwork

Grindscene Records is happy to announce the addition of Black Skies Burn and UK Hategrind to the Grindscene Roster. More details of the release including tracks titles and release date will be following in the upcoming weeks. For now we can only release the title which is “BRIAN BLESSED ARE THE SICK”.

Preorder Here.

Foul Body Autopsy Ltd Edition single – 21st Century Fascism

FBA Artwork

Once again I ecstatic to be working with Tom Reynolds of FOUL BODY AUTOPSY. This time the one man killing machine has but out his new single “21st Century Fascism”. Its is strictly limited to 100 copies and will only be available from Grindscene Records and Foul Body Autopsy. There will be no full UK distribution for this release.


Agathocles/Degenerhate 7″ Split!!!!

I am thrilled to announce the release of this collaboration. Agathocles And Degenerhate 7″ Split. Mincecore from Belgium (Agathocles) and Grind from Rome, Italy (Degenerhate).

Buy here.

Degenerhate image


First release of 2016: FOUL BODY AUTOPSY – Perpetuated By Greed

Its always very satisfying when a fantastic act that you have worked with before comes back to do the same again. With that in mind i am excited to announce that Foul Body Autopsy will be releasing a brand new Ep”Perpetuated By Greed” via Grindscene Records.

Foul body autopsy New








Launch date is February 28th 2016 marking it the first official release of 2016 for the label. Buy it here come the release date.

The tracklisting is:

1. Perpetuated By Greed

2. Enslaved The Rest Of Creation

3. Chewed Up By The Machine

4. Destabilized Perception

5. Devoid Of Humanity

6. Complete Environmental Collapse

Pre-orders will be taken through the band, details are here.



I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Extreme Noise Terror have decided to release their new album in the UK via Grindscene Records.

Official release date will be the 7th of December 2014. You can however buy it from here.


The best thing about the new EXTREME NOISE TERROR is that it sounds like EXTREME NOISE TERROR — it’s not a flirtation with death metal, there’s no long songs or experimental tracks, and there’s not an ounce of breathing space in this punishing mini-hell of UK metallic punk d-beat mania

Track listing:


Punk Rock Patrol

Dogma, Intolerance, Control

No One Is Innocent

I Like Coca (Outo “I Like Cola”)

Think Outside The Box

Chained & Crazed

An Endless Cycle Of Misery

Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

Cash And Trash

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Last Fix Of Fame

Cage Paralysis

Only In It For The Music Pt. 27 (Black Putrefaction)


New 8 Way split featuring Holocausto Canibale + 7!!!

We are proud to announce that we will be releasing the sickest split ever to hit the Uk and Ireland.

TO GRIND AND POUND – Allegiance Of The Sick

Release Date 7th December 2015. Pre-Orders can be taken here









To Grind and pound – Allegiance of the sick” contains 41 split across 8 bands. Bands featured are:

Holocausto Canibale



Basement torture killings

Nagasaki Birth Defect

The Judas cradle

Black skies burn

Shit Fucking Shit.

The insane track list is as follows:

1. Nosolagnia Predatória – Holocausto Canibal
2. Perfurada por Anzóis – Holocausto Canibal
3. Reek of Putrefaction (Carcass) live feat. Matt Harvey (Exhumed) – Holocausto Canibal
4. Schlongzilla Nukes Newcasshole – Kadaverficker
5. Rodney Nekroking – Kadaverficker
6. Alice D. in Wonderland – Kadaverficker
7. Upset, but Wet – Kadaverficker
8. Story of T – Basement Torture Killings
9. Shit Carcass – Basement Torture Killings
10. On a Mountain Road – Basement Torture Killings
11. Abduction Torture Snuff Porn – Basement Torture Killings
12. Die You Fucking Bitch – Basement Torture Killings
13. Pissing Off the Locals – Black Skies Burn
14. Pigs in Blankets – Black Skies Burn
15. Columbian Marching Powder – Black Skies Burn
16. Jouez un Beatdown – Black Skies Burn
17. Ashes to Ashes, Turd to Turd – Black Skies Burn
18. Crippler Crossface – Black Skies Burn
19. Hits from the Mong – Black Skies Burn
20. Cunt the Fuck Off – Black Skies Burn
21. Gonorrea – ShitFuckingShit
22. Spicy Hot Baby Soup – ShitFuckingShit
23. Pornodipendenza Da Internet – ShitFuckingShit
24. Novak – ShitFuckingShit
25. Smoke Me a Kipper – Nagasaki Birth Defect
26. Are You… The Matrix? – Nagasaki Birth Defect
27. O.L.T.I.C.W.P.A. (Hep C Ya Later!) – Nagasaki Birth Defect
28. Built for Discomfort, Not for Speed. – Nagasaki Birth Defect
29. Grind Theatre (The Rich Tapestry Of Sound) – Nagasaki Birth Defect
30. Fallbrett – Judas Cradle
31. Scaphic Pleasures – Judas Cradle
32. Point First Lesson Later – Judas Cradle
33. Pear of Deceit – Judas Cradle
34. Brazen Bull – Judas Cradle
35. Eaten by Rats – Judas Cradle
36. Spanish Donkey – Judas Cradle
37. Virgin of Nuremburg – Judas Cradle
38. Drive by Cumshots – Gout
39. Gloryhole Castration – Gout
40. Moonlight Gerontophile – Gout
41. The Shite at the End of the Tunnel – Gout


New Release – The Crawling: In Light Of Dark Days

We are pleased to announce that The Crawling have decided to stick with Grindscene Records following the release of their first single “Choking on Concrete”. “In light of dark days” is their new 3 track Ep that will be out December 7th 2015 delivering yet even more doom laden misery than before.

Track Listing:

  1. Right to crawl
  2. End of the rope
  3. Catatonic

Pre-orders available HERE

in light of dark days2

DESECRATION – Cemetery Sickness: Special Edition (Digi Pack + Bonus tracks)

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the re-release of Desecration’s Ground breaking 2014 album “Cemetery Sickness”. The disc comes in a Limited edition 6 panel digi pack and is limited to 500 copies and includes 2 bonus tracks: Introvisceral Exhibition & Grave Secrets (Remix). Thanks to Metal Age Records for kindly licencing the album to Grindscene.

Desecration - cemetery sickness








Saying that we are ecstatic about having one of the most legendry UK death metal acts on the Label is an understatement. Be sure to check their website out here.

The official release date via Code7 will be the 7th of December 2015.

Pre-orders will be available from here shortly .

Grindscene Records Distributing new Desecration DVD “Welsh Death Metal Bastards”.

desecration dvd

Grindscene Records is now the official UK & Irish distributor of Desecration’s new DVD “Welsh Death Metal Bastards”.

Their first official DVD Containstheir set from Obscene Extreme 2013, footage from Immortal Bar set, Thailand, ‘Kin hell fest footage and  the Coffin Smasher video, live footage, them messing around, a picture slideshow containing images of the band over the past 20 years, and even some karaoke versions of tracks.
Running time 66.6 minutes.
PAL Format.